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Maximising Value for Entrepreneurs

I love to help entrepreneurs and leaders in start-up and scale-up technology businesses ensure enterprise value is maximised for themselves and other stakeholders.


I do this by focusing on those activities that enhance value and by working with leaders to identify and exploit new opportunities. In the meantime I help navigate the journey to avoid or minimise costly pitfalls and frustrating wrong-turns along the way.


I have a passion for helping ambitious business owners and leaders in building and implementing lean strategies for start-ups and developing and executing effective growth plans with scale-ups.


I achieve results by working with business leaders to focus on the things that will make a positive difference and filter out those negative things that drain energy, time and money. 

And I'm committed to achieving outcomes that genuinely create value.  It’s all about executing the right things at the right time and achieving tangible results.

What's more I take my own medicine as an active founder and entrepreneur in my own businesses. Any advice I give is advice I follow myself.


If you feel you and your business might benefit from tapping into my years of real-world experience please contact me and I'll be straight back in touch. I'm happy to arrange a no-obligation call to discuss your requirements in more detail.


I personally act as lead consultant on all projects. Read what others have to say about me here and get in touch.

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"I worked with Glyn over a number of years. He has a rare spectrum of talents: the ability to identify emerging market opportunities, wide technical and business knowledge to assess these opportunities, financial acumen, the experience to build effective, efficient organisational capability and, finally, a determination to take decisions and action wherever needed. A fantastic entrepreneur."

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