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Crossing The T Business Blog

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Welcome to the new Blog

Building a business can sometimes feel like playing multi-dimensional chess

Over the coming weeks you'll find many new articles relating to key topics relevant to start-up, scale-up and high-growth businesses. Subjects will include:

  • entrepreneurialism and business leadership

  • business strategy

  • sales and marketing

  • Venture capital and private equity investors

  • business finance

  • starting a business

  • scaling a business

  • human resources

  • technology

I'll also be writing about data science and AI, how it's shaping business, what it can do and some of the more esoteric issues surrounding AI as it becomes more sophisticated.

Every article will be available on the associated Crossing The T LinkedIn page and X (Twitter) feed. Be sure to like and repost if you enjoy the content.

You can also subscribe directly to the Blog here on this website.

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